Electric Minibus

High fuel efficiency Custom manufacturing Compacted yet durable and dependable engine

Product Description

 Product Feature:  
1.High fuel efficiency
2.Custom manufacturing
3.Compacted yet durable and dependable engine
4.Advanced design and manufacturing
5.Excellent cold start performance
6.Excellent performance and advantage


1)XES min213 electric school bus
2)CCC ISO9001:2000
3)Security and durable
4)Diesel Euro 4
5)4)Seats 24-32

Specification  Of The Product


XES min213Technical Specification
Chassis Model XES min213 Bus Model XES min213
Dimension Length(mm) 6645 Engine Engine model YC4FA115-40(without compressor bracket)
Width(mm) 2385 fuel type        Diesel
Height(mm) 2850/2945 Discharge standard Europe V
Internal Heigh(mm) engine location Front
Wheelbase(mm) 3650 compression ratio 18:1
Tread(front/rear,mm) 1750/1586 (kW/rpm)maximum power 85
front overhang/rear overhang(mm) 850/1930 (N.m/rpm)
Max Torque
inimum ground clearance(mm) ≥176 Performance parameters (m,v=30km/hFully-loading)
Braking distance
Approach angle/depar

ure angle(°)

28/13.5 (L/100km)Fuel consumption limit condition ≤8.8L
Luggage r

om capacity(m3)

Max speed(km/h) 80
Quality parameters unladen mass(kg) 4660 Gradeability largest (%) 30
Max mass(kg) 6300 Min turning Diameter ≤14
Fully loading mass(front/rear,kg) 2400/4200 (L)
Oil tank capacity
Items Body configuration
Chassis spec Engine YC4FA115-40(55A electric generator,charged flameout,without warm-up device)
clutch dry diaphragm spring clutch, hydraulic remote control, with clutch booster
Transmission Jiangkai fifth gear overdrive transmission
Water tank cooper tank
Front/rear axles 2.4T/4.2T dongfegn axles
Frame widen frame
Suspension system multi-leaf (8/10),hydraulic shock absorber,front shock absorber,

ront suspension with horizontal stabillizer bar

Steering system integral power steering
Brake system Pressure double loop, drum service brake, air cut brake
Tire 215/75R17.5 tubeless tire
electrical lines 24V,single wire,negotive earth
Starter electronmagnetic control type
Battery 100Ah/24V two,100Ah/24V
others long rear overhang



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