8 meter mini electric bus (XES MIN233)

Max. total mass(kg):9500 Peak torque(N.m/rpm):1800/2600

Product Description

Overall Specification Over length(mm) 8000 Engine Specification Motor model M0150WA
Over width(mm) 2260 Motor manufacturer XES
Over height(mm) 2925(with AC)
Interior height (mm) 1950
Wheelbase(mm) 5000 Position/fuel type Rear/electricity
Tread(mm) 1940/1660 Motor type Permanent magnet synchronous motor (water cooling)
Overhang F/R(mm) 910/2090 Rated power(KW/rpm) 90/760

Angle (°)

24/11 Peak power(KW/rpm) 150/3000
Performance Specification Max. speed(km/h) 100 Rated torque(N.m/rpm) 1140/760
Engine Position Rear Mounted Peak torque(N.m/rpm) 1800/2600
Curb Weight(kg) 7270(With AC)
Rated passenger capacity (including driver) 24-28
Max. total mass(kg) 9500
Item Standard Equipment Optional Equipment
Electricity Power system Drive system Motor M0150WA Permanent magnet synchronous motor rated voltage: 380V, locked-rotor torque: 2000N.m, locked-rotor current: <50A
Motor controller EVM132WR-48-24

N490WSA,rated capacity:197KVA,maximum capacity: 490KVA,input voltage at direct current side DC540V,rated input current 310A

Power converter GVD300-11N2Y,power:2KW,input current:400-720V,output voltage:DC27V,output current:70A
Electric air compressor DQ1.6-6022JYZ,Power:1.6KW,Maximum air displacement: 0.23 m³/min,Revolution  number: 1500r/min,maximum working pressure: 8.5bar
Electric booster pump EHPS-1010/1,rated voltage:220V,rated power:2.2kW,maximum pressure:10MPa,flow:10L/min
Power battery t Ternary material lithium battery, nominal voltage:540V, nominal capacity: 235AH, 6PCS in series connection
CHASSIS Front axle 3.6T front axle,19.5” disc brke
Rear axle 7T rear axle, drum brake
Suspension system Less piece leaf spring(F3/R3), front and rear horizontal stabilizer bar
Steering system Hydraulic power assisted steering
Braking system Double circuit pneumatic brake system, front disc and rear drum brake system,  energy storage spring parking system, WABCO ABS system
Tyre 225/70R19.5-14PR tubeless radial tire
Spare tyre One piece
Other Drive motor constant temperature system, centralized lubrication system AR60, Charging mouth 1 set
Accumulator 6-Q-105AH, 2 pcs
INTROIOR TRIMMING Body structure Monocoque
Interior trim Facing material roof board, PP molding side panel ,flax duct
Door and door pump Front single outwards swing aluminum door, inside and outside passenger door emergency switch, passenger door emergency master switch at driver’s location, left side emergency exit
Window, windscreen Front cementation windscreen, rear cementation tempered windscreen, window-in-glass driver  window and  end-window, closed side window
Rear view system BONITO rear view mirror, interior mirror
AC system 18000 kcal electric air conditioner
Defrosting system CS-11 defroster
Audio system MP3 vehicle player
Wiper Panoramic wiper  (with water spray system)
Lamp Independent headlights, taillights, roof light, door light
Seat Adjustable driver seat(3-point safety belt), high-back reset soft seat with two-point safety belt and armrest at the aisle side
Handrail and Rings


Facing material baffle behind the middle door and driver ,side guardrail at end-window
Paint Metal paint
Others CAN bus wire, 2 modules, 18mm PVC floor,, standard floor leather,1 pcs roof escape windows with ventilator,2pcs 2 kg fire extinguisher,  4 pcs safety hammer,  2pcs automatic fire extinguisher in both electrical house and electromotor house, warndreieck, electric clock, automobile data recorder(with GPS), tool box

Quick Details

21 – 40
Emission Standard:
Transmission Type:
Max Speed:
91 – 110 km/h
Steering Position:
Fuel Type:
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm):
Place of Origin:
JIANGSU, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
XES Brand
Model Number:


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